[Entrevue] Bastien

Bastien est un jeune artiste de 22 ans, basé aujourd’hui à Bucarest.
Son single « Stay with me » reste fidèle à ses influences musicales; un son mêlant r’n’b, électro et néo-soul qui nous rappelle les titres de James Arthuret Kwabs et les refrains envoûtants et rythmés de Rag’n’Bone Man et Hozier.. L’artiste a accepté de répondre à mon interview. Mille mercis de l’attention portée au site.

NB : l’interview est en anglais. Pour la lire en français, n’hésite pas à traduire la page grâce à Google 🙂

Hello Bastien, thank you for your attention. How can we present Bastien?

Since childhood I always had a particular attachment for music. After several attempts in various singing competitions, I was never able to identify myself and soon I realised that I don’t belong in this kind of world. Copying an artist or doing covers without putting my own creativity wasn’t working, so I temporarily put aside this passion. At the same time, I started studying computer science but kept in mind that one day I’ll get back in front of the stage with my own music. I composed and produced a few models until the day I met the Berlin electro-pop duo Frank&Friedrich.

In your last song Stay with me, what have been your influences ? Inspirations ?

Weeks before coming up with the idea for ‘Stay with me’ I was listening a lot music from Jamie Lidell, Jamie Woon, Kwabs and I think that kinda helped me to write it. Also, a big influence was Michael Jackson especially with ‘Earth song’.


How did the projet happened (composition, production, clip) ?

I wrote « Stay with me » days after I went to Berlin to record the feature with the guys from Frank&Friedrich. Back in Bucharest, I was on my balcony, playing my guitar, when I started to mumble the chorus and then the hole song almost wrote by itself. I was thinking about a past relationship, that wasn’t quite a typical one. It was a situation that felt like a love triangle where no one was happy with the uncertainty. I think that it would’ve went better if I stopped working around the confusion, and clear things up by taking some heartfelt decisions. The production was made by Stefan Merz, who is a part of Frank&Friedrich, with some help from Robert Borrmann. The video that is released with the song is actually a second try. First time we tried to shoot a video in Paris, and it was great, but it had a different approach. It was more simple and clean and not so dark. We realised after we got the final version, that the visual for the song needs to create a mood that goes hand in hand with the production, so we took a different approach. For this video we wanted to create a visual that tells the story of a decision-making path for the ones that are involved in the love triangle.

Can you tell me more about your collaboration with Frank & Frieddrich ?

Well, it all happened quite random, short time after I signed with my label. One day my manger told me that he got an email from his partners that a duo from Berlin is searching for a voice for their upcoming single. I was super excited for this opportunity, but at the same time, I was nervous, because it was the first time that I got the chance to work with somebody abroad; but everything went well. We sent some demos, and they really liked my voice, so they decided that we should do this song together, which was amazing. In a few weeks we finished the draft for the song, we send it to their label, and the project was approved. So I took a flight to Berlin, to meet the guys and record the final vocals. That was it. Months later, the song reached 1 million streams on Spotify.

Your album will sort out in 2019 : what emotions, musical universe will we discover ?

I’m at the beginning of my career so I’m still trying to define my own sound, and discover my message. For this intro album/ep I will try to work with different people, that make different styles of music, so I can see what fits me best. In a sort of way, it’ll be like an exercise, but I can assure you that it’ll not be drastically different from ‘Stay with me ».

What are your future events?

Well right now I’m busy with promoting my new single ‘Stay with me’, working on music for the upcoming material, and also rehearsing with my band, because from the beginning of next year we’ll start going on stage, which I’m so excited for. 🙂

Réseaux sociaux

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