Interview Little Brother Eli : – LBCMusique

Little Brother Eli est un groupe qui a attendu mon attention. Le groupe a accepté de répondre à mes questions.

  • is your band name from?

D’où vient votre nom de groupe ?

I’m happy to demystify it for you. Me (Josh) and Alex have different recollections of how we came up with the name. I’ll give you the official version: It’s from the film ‘There Will Be Blood’ one of the characters is called Eli and he comes to a grizzly demise at the end (spoiler alert)

  • Did you know before the creation of the band?

Vous connaissiez-vous avant de former le groupe ?

Myself and Alex have been friends since school –  we were in another band as teen agers called South Parade.

  • Your title « Oops » was sort out on November : what have been your inspirations ?

Dernièrement, vous avez sorti le titre « Oops » : Quelles ont été vos inspirations ?

The track is a bit of a homage to Britney Spears, but looking at it from the opposite perspective. We wanted to make a song that’s both up-beat and funky.

  • What feels did you want to share on this song ?

Quels ressentis souhaitiez-vous partager?

Like with a lot of our music we love to make people dance and enjoy themselves – songs can be quite personal and everyone gets a different feeling from listening to songs, so we like to leave it to the listener

  • What did you feel when hearing your songs on BBC Radio & BBC Introducing ?

Quels ont été vos ressentis en entendant vos chansons sur BBC Radio & BBC Introducing ?

It’s always special to hear your song on the radio and BBC Intro Oxford have been super supportive of us.

  • Do you have new projects ?

  • Avez-vous de futurs projets ?

We’re currently deep in a writing phase at the moment and hoping to have some new music out asap.