[Single] JawzLDN : remix « Pimento » with Bounty (English review)

Hello l’ami.e ! Voici pour vous mon analyse du remix Pimento en anglais. Alors d’avance mes excuses s’il y a des erreurs de syntaxe : je ferai en sorte de m’améliorer la prochaine fois ! Enjoy !
Hello friend! Here is for you my English analysis of the French Pimento’s remix. So in advance my apologies if there are syntax errors : I will improve next time! Enjoy!

Who would have thought that confinement would put two countries in artistic collaboration? Incredible but true : and that’s what makes the magic of the Internet.

Who are these artists ?

JawzLDN ?
JawzLDN is a rapport from England : il started music around 10 years ago (when he was at school, more precisly). His influences are versatile : from le rap / hip hop with D Block, Nipsey Hussle and 50 Cent, by passing with reggae, rock or jazz.

I try to make music with a nice vibe and a conscious message, reality rap.

Bounty ?
In France, we have a multi-instrumentalist and rapper: Bounty, a young woman full of ambition. Fallen into music from a young age, she started to write her first texts at 8 years old, recorded them from the age of 15, and performed on stage in the stride. Since then, Bounty has linked stage experiences.
After an university program named « Chargé de production de musiques actuelles », She created associative label Bounty Family where she manages and produces her first artist Kalala.
She had played to the first concert part of Pascal Obispo on September 22 2018, and had been the winner of the STRI-IT device created by Youtube and the « Studio des Variétés » for the year 2018-2019.

And Pimento ?

Pimento is already available on all digital platforms: it is the first single from Jawzldn which is very personal to it, because it talks about him and his child’s mother. A love song that carries behind a message.

It is with this title, that Bounty lent his voice for a catchy remix : the artists plunge us into the heart of a loving relationship in full passion, but which, with the time, enters into a situation of doubt.

A passage that I really loved is when Bounty sings : I can hear the narrator asking questions, when the man wants to get involved, and even ready to present his sweetheart to his family :
Wouldn’t it be too early ? Have I come across the right one ?

This is a situation in which many of us have been confronted : are we in this situation because we were a little too fast in the relationship ? What to do in this case?

So, I turned to the famous love coach : Alexandre Cormont.

Have you been too fast in the relationship? Well, it’s very simple : take some distance. Give yourself time to regain control.

Explained Alexandre.
By by studying the importance of romantic relationships for young adults in France (15 to 34 years old), I came across a 2019 survey : more than half percentage of men and women find an important romantic relationship. In other words, our concerns can be justified.

What did I think of Pimento ?

For a refractory of the mixture of languages ​​(even if, I admit that I happen to do it by speaking lol), I appreciated this remix : there is a cohesion between the voices, and we hear well only one language … That of music!
What I appreciated is the fact of having approached the subject of engagement, without having done too much: subtly, in an air of hip / hop, with reggae influences.
It is possible to dance while being aware. Love, passion, but alas .. Many questions? This remix is ​​for you! Stream this title thoroughly to make it take off. I count on you.

Pour retrouver les artistes

Bounty: https://www.instagram.com/officiel_bounty
Label : https://www.instagram.com/bounty_fam/